We run various study and nurture groups throughout the year. You would be very welcome to join us. 

We are currently offering the following:

* The 'Being With' Course from St Martin's in the Fields. This course is designed to help participants find more out about the Christian faith and to wonder aloud about the spiritual side of life. It rests on the belief that the Holy Spirit is already active in all our lives. This is discovered through reflection on everyday experiences brought into conversation with corresponding doctrines and practices about God. Most of the time is spent listening. 

The course begins on 12th January and will run for 7 sessions, Wednesdays at 8pm over Zoom. Contact Olivia for the details: olivia.maxfield-coote@cantab.net

* Bible Study on Mark's Gospel. This begins on 11th January and will run over Zoom and in person at 7.30pm. Contact Jaimee for the details: summersaimee@gmail.com

We will be offering two courses this Lent. One will be on the Living in Love and Faith Document and the other will be USPG's 'Living Stones, Living Hope’. ‘Living Stones, Living Hope’ explores how the church is called to be living stones and how we are called to bring living hope in our diverse situations. The course explores the perspective of five partner churches around the world, inviting us to reflect on our own experience of being ‘living stones’ bringing ‘living hope’ in our own situations, in the light of the experiences of others.   

Email Lee for more details: lbatson@chelsmford.anglican.org