The Parish Church of All Saints, Epping Upland

(and formerly of the ancient parish of Epping), is believed to be of medieval origin. The Church is first mentioned in 1177 as part of the possessions which were confirmed by Henry II to the Augustinian Canons of Waltham.

The architectural history of the building has been almost entirely obscured by modern alterations and restorations, but the present nave appears to date from the first half of the 13th century and the present chancel was probably added in the second half of the 13th century.

The south porch was added in the 15th century.

The west tower was probably built late in the 16th century. The oldest and most striking memorial is the brass on the south wall of the chancel in memory of Thomas Palmer. He was Professor of Common Law at Cambridge, and died in 1621, having lived at Gills, the moated farmhouse 1500 yards south west of the church.

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Vicars of All Saints, Epping Upland

(Before 1379 this Church was served by monks from Waltham Abbey)

1379 John Palgrave

1380 John Hawkeston

William Howlett (Dominus)

1386 William of Thornbury (Magister)

1389 Thomas Ende

Thomas Boteler

Benedict de Sutton

1399 John Coppehalle

William Panfield

1414 William Hawe

1451 Robert Fenne

John Maplicon

1540 Ralph Chaloner

1545 Thomas Warren

1546 John Bennett (deprived)

1554 Richard Ward (deprived)

1556 John Kellett

1568 John Bennett (restored)

William Cayster

Edmund Audleser

1578 Roger Hieron

1592 John Overall

1596 Roger Dodd

1607 Valentine Carey

1609 Jeremiah Dyke

1639 Edward Rochester

1641 Thomas Holbeck

1643 H Wilkinson

1648 John Harper

1660 Thomas Holbeck (restored)

1681 James Lomas

1710 John Lloyd

1754 Stephen Waller

1764 Roland Roper

1768 William Lockwood

1780 Edward Conyers

1822 Henry Neave

1873 Forbes E Winslow

1878 Edward Buckmaster

1906 RL Allwork

1912 Edwin Green

1919 Walter A Limbrick

1933 Herbert L Eves

1936 George C Rubie

1942 Harry Treble

1949 Frederick Hart

1951 Richard C Taylor

1954 James F Cotton

1958 Frank Derbyshire

1974 Paul Chalmers

1981 Chris Bard

2009 Bryony Morrison

2018 Olivia Maxfield-Coote


The Bell Chamber

Bells are normally rung every week. There are six bells here as well as the clock bell.

The six bells have inscriptions as follows:

1. John Warner & Sons, Founders, London 1914. ‘Surge Qui Dormis’ Ephes V 14. Rev Edwin Green, Vicar, Luke James Furse. Salome Catherine Marter, Churchwardens. (This bell appears to have replaced one dated 1793).

2. Mr John Searl Anno 1707

3. Mr John Waylett made me 1707

4. John Waylett made 1707

5. Mr Androw Searl Anno 1707

6. Tenor: Prayse The Lord 1611 (and crest bearing initials RO: Robert Oldfield)